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Brooklyn Library Art Sketchbook  Project    Tim Gibbon's work in the form of a sketchbook has been accepted and is being displayed at the Brooklyn Library, Brooklyn, NY, as part of the 2011 Sketchbook Project. This is just a tiny fraction of Tim's work.
      "Art is a reflection of life built upon a foundation of mystery, amusement, exploration, experience and most importantly, serendipity.  My drive as an artist is to explore and relate on paper, canvas or in 3-D what I assume existence is, not in any religions or spiritual meaning, but rather, in a more earth-bound and scientific view from the micro- to the macro-cosym of the universe.  The steady pulse of life, with all its changes and complexities, is in harmony within this chaotic illusion.  And, this illusion lives in every line drawn or brush stroke which I put to paper or canvas.
Science and humor go hand and hand in my art.  I have striven, and have had some success, at presenting my personal experience in this voyage of earthbound awareness.  I continue to attempt to expand my horizons in different medium and hope m y images relate to a kindred spirit in humanity."
        "Art is a hands-on exploration of fun, color, line, and form.  It is a personal adventure allowing the artist to express their opinions, emotions, and happiness.  Art is 10% skill, which anyone can learn, and 90% imagination.  It is up to me, as an art instructor, to unlock the key to a student's artistic imagination, no matter what the age, medium and skill.  As an instructor, I want to give to each student  inspiration which will remain with the artist for the rest of their lives.  The main thing is to have fun and enjoy the journey of creation."